Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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Designed, edited and operated in Germany, HIGHRESAUDIO is the first commercial music download service for audiophiles worldwide offering only high-resolution 24-bit albums and songs at sampling rates from 88.2kHz up to 384kHz. HIGHRESAUDIO brings online music distribution to the next level – far beyond from existing heavily compressed audio download services; to include extensive editorial data, detailed album description, biographies, reviews and artist related content.


HIGHRESAUDIO embraces the transformation brought by technologies to the music industry and audiophiles in the pursuit of the ultrasonic music experience.


HIGHRESAUDIO strives to develop innovative services and applications, business models and shape new commercial opportunities for record labels, artists and manufacturers of digital audio products.


2L, Abeille Musique, ACOUSENCE, Acoustic Music Records, AEOLUS Records, Animato, Bee Pop/Jazz, B-Ton, Carpe Diem Records, DACAPO, Chaos, Chandos, Delos Music, ECM, Fondamenta, Intergroove, Jazzland, KML Recordings, Laborie, Melisse, NAIM Label, Naxos, Neuklang, New Amsterdam Records, Ozella Music, PentaTone, Songlines, Sony Music, Stockfisch, Termidor, Universal Music, Winter & Winter, Yarlung Records, ...

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