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exaSound Unveils the s82 Mark II Streaming DAC and Roon Server at AXPONA

exaSound premiered the s82 Mark II Streaming DAC and Roon Server at AXPONA, April 14, 2023.
s82 Mark II offers the sound fidelity of a system of three discrete high-end Roon components - server, streamer and DAC - and the simplicity of having them in one box.

s82 Mark II DAC/Streamer/Server combination proved to be reference-grade and easy to use in the crowded show room, in front of audiophiles and media representatives. Visitors came back to room 712 to congratulate us for the great sound and to immerse again in the music experience.

Gershman Acoustics presented 30th Anniversary Special Edition of their renowned Grand Avant Garde Speakers and their new Studio XdB Speakers - both producing effortlessly lively and engaging sound with remarkable base extension. Room partners VAC and Cardas provided high-power tube amplification and stylish cabling.

We were very fortunate to have Ann Bisson perform live in our room. Her voice blended perfectly with the instrumental accompaniment reproduced by the audio system. She even commented that she feels like the live instruments are present.

We enjoyed a live harp performance of Isabeau Corriveau using the exaSound / Gershman / VAC / Cardas system for the backing track.

AXPONA Show Coverage – exaSound Compact DAC Helps at the World Premiere of the All-Revealing JansZen Nine.Five Hybrid Electrostatics

JansZen Electrostatic presented "a big set of hybrid panels called the Nine.Five ($20K/pair). These speakers are the company’s take on the original KLH Nines from the 1950s. On this iteration, we have a large electrostatic panel that crosses over to an array of six 8” ceramic woofers at about 200 Hz. The sound was big and transparent and the substantial bass capacity was seamlessly integrated. With a sensitivity of only 82dB and a nominal impedance of 5 ohms, these panels will need some power to get the best from them, and at the show, it was dutifully provided by a pair of GanFet monoblock amps courtesy of AGD productions and an exaSound e62 DAC as a front end."

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