Sunday, June 16, 2024

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Excerpts from emails received from a satisfied e20 customer:

...More 3D, listening to music is almost causing me to have a seizure as you can really zoom in on any instrument with such ease.

...Maybe this is all psychological. I need to do some critical listening. Just wanted to share my initial thoughts.

...I just played hotel california SACD and have a huge grin on my face. Wow.. just WOW. This DAC is on another planet.

...This will be the last of my replies for the day, but whatever you did to improve this dac is not subtle at all. I just listened to And the first track has plucking sounds that are so realistic, if I was blindfolded I may not be able to tell this from the real thing!! Whatever you did to improve this dac may be small, but it made something click on in my brain that was happening to a much lesser extent.. whether it be the harmonics are now ringing properly or what, there is an element of realism that the Orions are able to deliver.. VERY convincingly.

This is by FAR the most natural stereo reproduction I have heard, anywhere. period. I still can't believe this.




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