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I'm using the exaSound e18 DAC as the centre piece of a digital cross-over. The system has a Windows 7 / J. River source with the native “convolution” function used to create sub, bass and mid-high in the digital domain which then sent to the e18 via USB. All the cross-overs have been designed in Acourate and volume control is done within e18. The speakers are Unity Horns with 15” pro-audio mid-/bass bins and a pair of stereo woofers.

All this is has evolved across various digital x/o experiments – starting with a DCX2496 then BruteFIR and this rig has proven both much simpler and better sounding than earlier incarnations. I toyed with the idea of a pro-audio DAC that supported W7 (e.g., Prism Orpheus) but went for the e18 due to the USB input. The sound is,detailed and neutral, and I’ve had no issues with driver stability or set-up.




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