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Toronto ON - exaSound Audio Design, manufacturer of innovative, exceptional fidelity audio products, will present for the first time the new flagship e32 DAC and the new multichannel e38 DAC at the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show.


exaSound’s new e32 stereo flagship DAC and the e38 8-channel DAC are built on the success of its predecessors, the award winning e22 and e28.  With a truly balanced design, a high power, high performance headphone amplifier and ultimate resolution volume control, the new exaSound DACs are designed and manufactured entirely in Canada. Only a handful of companies around the world have released DACs based on the new, enhanced ES9028PRO monolithic DAC chip from ESS Technologies.


exaSound’s in–house design delivers world recognized, award winning sonic purity. ZeroJitter™, a unique true asynchronous USB interface with error correction, assures accurate data streaming.


ZeroResolutioLoss™ - an exclusive volume control with three–way volume synchronization - brings convenience while maintaining the highest sonic fidelity.


GalvanicInfinity™ affords complete galvanic isolation for ultimate external noise reduction.


FemtoMaster™, exaSound's quad-clock architecture, with 82 femtosecond master clock and 3 auxiliary stream-control clocks, minimizes jitter for maximum timing accuracy, image development and bass extension. Truly balanced design yields the best analog noise performance and lowest distortion.


exaSound DACs deliver award winning, reference level sonic fidelity at a sensible price. Vanishingly low noise and distortion with highly accurate and extended frequency response form the foundation for natural, dynamic sound and ultimate subjective appreciation.


Visit exaSound at the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show, Best Western suite 7215, to experience dynamic, astonishingly clean sound. More information is available at




exaSound Audio designs and manufacturers audio electronics that help consumers easily play all of their computer music formats. exaSound DACs are architected for faithful fidelity and the highest possible performance. Across product lines, a host of features synergistically combine to yield the truest fidelity, including fully balanced internals, support for DXD and DSD256 along with unique galvanic USB isolation that prevents computer noise contamination.


All exaSound products incorporate ZeroJitter™, Asynchronous USB, ENclusiv™ comprehensive sample rate support plus custom drivers that feature proprietary error correction, guaranteeing bit–perfect operation.



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