Sunday, June 16, 2024

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The e22 came today... It’s wild - listening to live Chick Corea trio, live Mingus quartet, and it’s hugely spacious. Very, very live sounding. Space, air, and a lot of precision placement. Some old but well re-mastered Dizzy Gillespie sounds way better than it should. I can pick Melba Liston’s trombone out from the others. That’s fantastic. The studio music that I’ve tried is also big and open, but what the e22 does to well recorded live recordings is really exceptional...No wonder you offer a 30 day trial period. No one in their right mind, or at least no one with good hearing, would send an e22 back. This one’s not coming back. You’ve created a fantastic product. Thanks. Have a great AXPONA.

Later…another letter:

It doesn’t get better than this. My wife tolerates anything I want to get for the things I enjoy, lovely habit. I was surprised that she showed any reaction at all when I decided to go for the e22, which was more than what I had been thinking about spending. She’s never reacted to any purchase before, so I was concerned that this crossed some line I don’t understand. But, I figured it wouldn’t last long, and I’ve got a few big sales of photographs (which is a second income) which’ll absorb the shock.

I didn’t tell her that I’d switched over to the e22 Friday afternoon. Yesterday morning, we were doing our Saturday morning thing with newspapers and music, and she said four or five times, “Damn, that sounds so good, is that the new system? It’s so big, so deep.” This morning, our routine of listening in the next room over from the main sound system changed - she moved us into the room with the main sound system, and a good dozen times commented on how fantastic it sounded. A Muddy Waters remaster made her “shush” me several times. (Once again proving to me that as impressive as the e22 makes studio work sound, what it does to live performances is really exceptional.)

I went out to shoot (photographs, not beasts) for a few hours today, and when I came home, she was sitting in the room with the main sound system listening to some high def remasters of Maria Callas (which she’s listened to before.) Weeping mightily (which she hasn’t done before listening to the same remasters.) Once she realized I was back, she said “Best decision ever. Can you go back out for a bit so I can listen to some more?” (I’m not an opera fan.) I went back out.

My wife listens to everything through Apple ear buds, and swears she can’t tell one audio component from another. The e22 is clearly an exception. My concerns about her opinions on the purchase are gone. Now I’m concerned that there’ll be more opera in my future.

The legendary “wife acceptance factor” for the e22 is very high.

Hope you had a killer Axpona. Whatever hook I thought I might be hanging from is no longer there. Great engineering. Thank you.

Ed from New Jersey

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