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June 07, 2014, Madrid, Spain - Juan Perez, CEO of DigiBit announced that the aria audiophile grade fanless music server was successfully tested with the exaSound e28 multichannel DSD256 DAC.

"We’ve just tested our aria music server with exaSound e28 multichannel DAC, I am happy to report that aria nicely plays both multichannel PCM FLAC and native bitstream DSD64 files via the e28 USB input. An ASIO driver from exaSound has to be pre-installed on the aria server. We believe this is another aria’s “first” in the audiophile music server market...

I know many audiophiles have not yet embraced multichannel audio, I guess mainly due to the limited availability of good hi-res recordings, fortunately this is changing rapidly thanks to the efforts of music labels that really care about audio quality and are now releasing downloads in multichannel for PCM and DSD, good examples are: 2L, Aix and Channel Classics, just to name a few, unfortunately many audiophiles don’t know what they’re missing."

DigiBit, one of the pioneer companies in Europe in computer audio, can be reached at or by phone at +34 915 334 250.









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