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" To date I have not been overly impressed when I have heard the playback of high resolution digital downloads when I have attended audio nights held at other people's homes or at audio shows. ....

...Based on the music I have heard, the exaSound is fantastic! I can hardly wait to hear more high resolution files. However, so far I am surprised to say that I think the music on the exaSound sounds better than my MBL SACD and DAC. Very surprising really, given the cost of these items..."



...I am really enjoying listening to a variety of music through the exaSound and can understand the practical and sonic advantages of this form of music playback. I have noticed that the music sounds better in every way; more dynamic, no background noise, spatially revealing and definitely more detailed. I have already had a friend over to listen to the exaSound and received a telephone call from him last night saying how envious he was of the sound...

...What is absolutely certain is that the exaSound represents fantastic value in terms of the results it produces. I now find myself playing music through the exaSound as a first choice because it sounds so good on my system and is so convenient. I cannot see myself purchasing another CD...

Keep up the great work, exaSound. You have managed to put the fun back in hi-fi which was in serious danger of becoming the playground for only the rich and famous."

Barry S

Audio System:
• MBL 101E MkII Speakers
• Two MBL 9008A Power Amplifiers
• MBL 1611F DAC (ability to up-sample to 24 bit 96kh and SACD capability)

• exaSound e20 DAC with Femto clock

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