Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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During the past few months exaSound received numerous requests to integrate the exaSound hardware volume control with JRemote. JRemote volume control is synchronized with J River and can be used to control the Windows system volume. The exaSound hardware volume control is independent from the Windows sound system. Until now JRemote users had to use an infrared remote for volume control.

To address this issue we developed a JRiver plug-in that provides three-way synchronization between the JRiver / JRemote user interface, the exaSound Dashboard application and our DACs. When volume is changed by the IR remote or from the DAC front panel, the volume sliders on the screen are synchronized. When the volume is changed by JRiver or JRemote, the DAC display shows the volume change.

The exaSound plug-in for J River can be downloaded from our website. When you install it you will see exaSound listed in J River under Services & Plug-ins. Select it and use the checkbox to enable or disable volume synchronization. You will also need to upgrade the exaSound Dashboard to the current version 3.5.27. Finally please make sure that JRiver volume mode is set to Application Volume or System Volume.

Let us know about your experience.


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