Friday, January 15, 2021

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"... the e28 was a delight to listen to with every source format, from 16/44.1 stereo through 24/192 PCM, 352.8kHz DXD, multichannel DSD64, and even stereo DSD 256! At these levels of quality it's hard to dissect the sound, but I consistently noticed how sweetly and purely the e28 rendered violin tone while preserving the edginess of bows dragged across the strings. Voices and instruments seemed to have a realistically defined presence wherever in the soundstage they were placed, and balances remained smooth right down to the bottom of the audioband. "


"... the piäce de résistance was a stereo DSD256 (11.2896MHz!) of a Paganini violin solo made by the 1-bit Audio Consortium, a Japanese group promoting 1-bit recording at very high resolutions. I hate to use the overworked palpability, but I can't think of any other word that so well describes the effect. "

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