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"... From the very first moment the Canadian DAC offered outstanding sound purity and smoothness expressed on a vast dynamic range. The e28 sound can be described as a combination of the best DAC features I've experienced with Antelope Audio and April Music Eximus. The transparency, speed, and holographic space of Antelope Zodiac were blended with incredible musicality and brilliance of color of Eximus DP1. Listening to the e28 doesn't cause any fatigue at all. These impressions were intensified after the transfer of DAC to my main system."


"... That ability to render dormant emotions in music is the reason why the modest exaSound e28 DAC gained my sympathy and sincere appreciation. Some of you may be wandering why am not addressing the usually exaggerated differences between conventional, archaic CD recordings and the high-resolution PCM/DSD sources supported by the e28 DAC. To be honest, I asked myself this question after a cursory reading of this text. The answer turned out to be prosaic, and I hope you take it as sincere. In the case of the E28, the quality does not depend on the quantities of multi-bits or kHz / MHz. The value comes from the class of the music. The ability to play any digital format available on the market is just a nod to the client and shows exemplary ergonomics. We cease to care about the technicalities of the recording format and we focus on what's important - how a track or album sounds and most importantly whether the music will meet our expectations and tastes, our purely esthetic concerns. "

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