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exaSound presented for the first time in Canada at the Montreal Audio Fest 2022 our top of the line stereo model s82 Streaming DAC in collaboration with Gershman Acoustics, Krell and Cardas.

The combination of all the excellent system components produced extraordinary sound.

Rick Becker from Enjoy the Music appreciated the excellent sound and gave it the Best of Montreal 2022 Award – Thank you!

The resolution was incredibly high, yet incredibly smooth, letting the music just flow naturally without any irritation. Another key factor this time may have been the setup in the room. The music was presented at a scale that was appropriate for the size of the room. The band America, singing "A Horse With No Name" filled the width of the room with music as if they were playing right in front of us — full size…

Salon Audio Montreal / Audio Fest 2022 Show Report

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