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exaSound PlayPoint DM Dual Mono Streaming DAC

Seamless transition - all the software (Roon, UPnP with Minim Server etc.) instantly recognized. The exaSound PlayPoint Mark II is sounding AWESOME!
Thanks again,

Toronto, ON Canada

exaSound s88 8-Channel Streaming DAC

George, We moved again and I just set up the S88…. it sounds delightful... The detail and range are wonderful. A great piece of Equipment!
Well Done exaSound!

Leesburg,VA United States

I’m really happy, that I have just bought and installed (easy) the new exaSound s88. Now I have perfect multichannel DSD together with my Nucelus+.


I am using a Merging HAPI as well as the Okto DAC8 for multichannel playback. And now, since a week the exasound s88. To put it mildly: None of the other two DACs has this level of tight and controlled bass like the s88! Mid and high are very transparent and non-analytical.
I can strongly recommend using the s88 if you are using ROON. The direct interface via ROON proprietory RAAT protocol (via LAN) into the s88 makes it very conveniant and sonically superior to any USB connected device. Also, it circumvents the Ravenna unicast connection for the HAPI, which is a bit tricky to set-up and to maintain.

Darmstadt, Germany

...I don’t have the descriptive vocabulary as many do, but I can say without hesitation that it is the best sound I’ve had from my system...

I queued up [Roon] with a bunch of 5.1 DSD samples (I had previously downloaded but didn’t have any way to play), 5.1 flac recordings, and a mix of favorite 2 CH flac recording I’m very familiar with. Basically one big mixed playlist. The S88 played each one perfectly, DSD/FLAC, MC/2 CH without any hiccups switching between the formats. It was wonderful, 3 hours of uninterrupted music.

There was separation in the instruments with each clearly distinguishable, the voices were loud and clear. I could easy detect the plucking of an upright Bass, the hiss of the fingers sliding up and down the neck, the sizzle of the brush on drums, the intake of breath between words. All from music I had heard many times, but never really heard before.
So, one piece of equipment, one zone, will replace all the others I used but was never satisfied with. Don’t know what else I can say. The S88 is everything I’d hoped for.

Bryan, TX United States

I’ve used ROON for years with Trinnov Altitude 32 SSP, ROON Ready Ethernet, but I down-sample to 96/88-24...
In my family room, I recently installed a multi-channel 5.1 system with an exaSound s88 DAC. Love it!
I've been using Small Green Computer Sonic Transporter i7 for ROON DSP for ROON Core, but just upgraded to exaSound Delta i9 ROON Core. Very nice.

Gilbert, AZ, United States

exaSound e62 DAC

Hi George, wanted to let you know I had the e62 up and running yesterday afternoon and the leap in my system's performance is astonishing. I can't wait until the TeddyPardo power supply is fully burned-in. This exaSound e62 DAC blows the humble Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 dac it replaces out of the water, and that Pre Box S2 is a Stereophile Class A rated component.

Kennebunk, ME United States

First off, I LOVE this DAC,
I'm taking your advice and I'm getting a Coda amplifier - 250 watts per and 12 watts of class A - and going direct to the exaSound e62...
Amazing. The difference is night and day. The first time I have ever been satisfied with my system.
The sound from this CODA amp with the class A bias is just liquid. Your DAC is exceptional in this configuration!

Toronto, ON Canada

exaSound e68 DAC

Hi -
Wanted to let you know I received the e68 DAC, installed the latest ASIO driver for Windows, and all is well. The sound continues to amaze me with the level of detail this DAC reveals, particularly with DSD sources.

Yardley, PA United States

... This is an amazing upgrade from the first e38. Air, definition, clean middle range, analog sweetness - all that stuff that gives audiophiles goosebumps. Thanks for your hard work for us multichannel nuts.

Portland, OR United States

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