Sunday, July 14, 2024

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By Lynn Olson

There's a space between the vast wasteland of mid-fi AV receivers and the world of "serious" high-end audio, where the pleasures and delights of full-dimensional sound can be enjoyed, without the coarseness and bombast of mid-fi AV equipment. And … it doesn't involve building a $100,000 dedicated home-theater room with speakers built into the ceiling and a consultant to program all the remotes. This is where the unusual, I would say unique, exaSound e38 Mark II DAC comes in...

How much like did I like the exaSound e38 Mark II? I went ahead and bought the full exaSound bundle: the e38 Mark II DAC, with balanced-output option + Teddy Pardo power supply + Sigma Streamer. I don't buy DACs very often, every few years at most, but this one earned a place in my system, not just for its sound, but its versatility and click-free, crash-free reliability of streaming Internet music from Tidal and Qobuz, playback of local FLAC files, Roon support, and getting the most out of disc players. It does it all. That's why I'm giving the exaSound e38 Mark II the Writer's Choice Award for 2019; it's unique, and sets a new landmark in sonics and versatility.

Read the complete award here.

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