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The exaSound e32 MKII DAC has been in my system for about a year and continues to impress me. As I improve the other components in the signal chain it shows more of what it's capable of rendering musically. It's ability to decipher all of my musical formats automatically is very valuable to me and allows great flexibility of being an arm chair DJ. To help extract the DAC's musical magic, I've acoustically treated my listening room with diffusion for mid/high frequencies and absorption for low frequencies to deal with slap echos and 'harmful' reflections. The result is a very flat frequency response with a tilted up low end that is more pleasing to my ears. Thank you George for hours and hours of sonic entertainment and satisfaction!

Kevin, Grater Toronto Area, Canada

Equipment list:
  • DAC: exaSound e32 MKII
  • Preamp: PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium
  • Amp: VAC Renaissance 30/30 (300B tubes)
  • Speakers: Elac Adante AF-61
  • Subwoofers: pair of Rythmik sealed servo 15" forward firing
  • Power Conditioning: IsoTek EVO Aquarius
  • Cables: Cardas, IsoTek, TEO Audio, Audio Sensibility
  • Room Treatments: RPG Skylines, GIK Acoustics QRD diffuser, Monster Bass Traps, and Tri-Traps; DIY hemifuser in oak veneer filled with OC701 fiberglass for bass trapping; DIY Skyline diffuser
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