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Steven Stone, in his show report for The Absolute Sound has named the exaSound Playpoint DM one of the "Five Most Significant Product Introductions" at RMAF 2018.

exaSound Audio Design PlayPoint DM DAC/network server and e32 Mark II DAC

exaSound Audio Design was also doing the double-intro thing with the exaSound PlayPoint DM DAC and network server ($14,000) and e32 Mark II DAC ($2499). Based around two ESS9028 PRO DAC chips, the PlayPoint's fully balanced dual mono design features exaSound’s “galvanicInfinity” galvanic isolation technique. It also utilizes exaSound’s FemtoMaster 82-femtosecond master clock. With both balanced and unbalanced line-level and headphone outputs, the PlayPoint can serve as a digital hub for a full-featured audio system.

The latest version of the e32, the Mark II as mentioned above, is also a true balanced design. Based around the ES9028Pro monolithic DAC with “hyperstream” technology, the e32 Mark II supports MQA and offers USB, coaxial, and TosLink inputs. Like the PlayPoint, the e32 uses a femtosecond masterclock and complete galvanic isolation. The e32 also has 11 linear power filter stages, and both balanced and unbalanced line-level analog outputs, and comes standard with exaSound’s Teddy 12/2 external power supply.


Read the TAS show report here.




The exaSound room at RMAF 2018 featured the following equipment:

  • PlayPoint DM Isolated Packet Streaming Dual Mono DAC, Dual Mono Headphone amp, Streamer and Roon Server
  • e32 Mark II Isolated Packet Streaming DAC
  • PlayPoint Mark II Streamer and Server
  • Pass Labs XA-100.8 Class A Mono-blocks
  • Magnepan 3.7i Magneplanar Full Range Speakers
  • exaSound Down-to-Earth Cables
  • exaSonic Scaffolding



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