Sunday, July 14, 2024

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Native DSD now offers 1,000+ Multichannel DSD albums. This includes 131 albums that are available as DSD Multichannel downloads but not available on SACD.

When it comes to Multichannel DSD music downloads, no one has more albums available to listeners. To celebrate the 1000 album milestone, Native DSD offers for a limited time 15% OFF on all 1,000+ Multichannel DSD Albums.

exaSound e38 8-Channel DAC and PlayPoint multichannel network player and server with built -in Roon Core are ones of the very few devices on the market capable of playing those files in their full glory.

The popular ST+MCH pricing option is available on almost all the Multichannel DSD releases at the NativeDSD Music store. This lets you pick up the Stereo DSD edition of an album that you plan to purchase in Multichannel DSD for just a few dollars (or Euros) more. Just select “ST+MCH” rather than “Multichannel” and you’ll get even more DSD Music for your collection!

Coupon code: MULTI
15% OFF on [MCH] and [ST+MCH]
Select 'Multichannel' & Browse Away!

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