Friday, January 15, 2021

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"Exasound was one of the better sounding rooms at TAVES. George Klissarov the President of Exasound was a very gracious host, giving me a tour of all the products he had on display, which included the e20 Mk III DAC that retails for $2899. This was the world's first DSD DAC that was capable of 246/2.28 resolution and it was favorably reviewed by Dr. David Robinson, the Editor of Positive Feedback in the May/June issue of this year. Also on display was the e28 DAC that is the world's first DAC capable of multichannel DSD and which sells for $3299, the Django L Speakers and the Krolo Design Rack System."

Malcolm J. Gomes, Positive Feedback


"We sat through the exaSound seminar on DAC design and music streaming which was very informative and to me, nicely cut through the popular beliefs and separated the sense from the non-sense.

George Klissarov clearly defined what he sees as the role a DAC should play in good reproduction and what part the computer should play, along with what 'matters' in those 2 focused roles. He also believes music files should be played in their native format – no up-sampling or conversion. There was some Windows vs. Mac discussion (which I'll stay out of) that was quite interesting and even though some of this ran counter to what I've been seeing on various forums, it's hard to argue with the results – these DACs sound fantastic.

We heard WAV, DSD64 sourced from old analog tapes and modern digital recordings, DSD128 that was simply recorded straight to DSD128, 8 channels of DSD64 (by far the best I've ever heard surround) and even a cut recorded at DSD256. VERY impressive to my ears and if this is the future of audio, it's pretty damn exciting.

Based on what I heard in this and the 3A room from exaSoound, this would be my DAC if shopping in this price range."

Billfort, moderator,


"exaSound - The Future of Audio - DSD 256 DAC.
And (the future of) PCM for that matter too. All around great sounding stuff. It was really cool to hear what DSD 256 sounds like. Bloody impressive!

Attended a seminar at TAVES put on by the owner/chief engineer of Exasound. Great guy. Very informative presentation. If I had $3K to spend on a DAC, especially if wanted DSD which was all over the place yesterday, I'd spend it on the Exasound.

I really liked his approach of dealing with all issues caused by a computer it is hooked up to within the DAC. He basically stated that the computer side of computer audio is gonna be sub-standard anyway, so just don't bother upgrading to an "audiophile" computer, but rather let the DAC do all the work."

Bigerik, Super Moderator,





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