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We showcased the e20 DAC in several rooms, each one geared to different musical preferences, to demonstrate its flexibility and range. 




Setting up in the first room for T.H.E. Show 2013, along with Kronzilla DXL Dual Mono-block Amplifier. 140 + 140 Watts RMS (€ 27,000/pr.), King's Audio Prince II Electrostatic Speakers ($6,000/pair), Clarity Cables ($1,400 and up), and the e20 DAC (CAD $2,500), pink curtains credit to the Las Vegas Flamingo Hotel.


A dream setup for tube lovers that are pursuing a soft and musical sound experience.




T.H.I.S. Show could benefit from visiting the interior design show next door...




The exaSound DAC in action with the latest Reference 3A direct coupled Nefes Loudspeaker ($9,950.00) in a space oriented to classical music enthusiasts that seek an accurate reproduction of complex musical performances.






Incredibly real, aggressively dynamic and detailed sound, the result of the perfect combination between the ESS ES 9018 / exaSound e20DAC, ESS HEIL air-motion transformer speakers, and Pass Labs X1 amplifier. 






Sneaked into competition's room for a music showdown, We won't tell you who won, but we are willing to redo the blind test any day.




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