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You’ve been sitting on your hands, waiting for us to pull together all the bits needed for the next firmware update. Finally, exaSound PlayPoint Firmware 8 is available for remote installation! And, because we can’t sit still, we have a surprise for you as well. Read on…

The new Firmware 8 features:

  • We’ve added OpenHome support. This means compatibility with your OpenHome world and Linn’s Kazoo, the preferred UPnP control point for iOS, Windows and Mac.
  • We’ve added a local UPnP library server too, running right on PlayPoint. This makes it easy to use OpenHome on UPnP. All you need to do is attach a USB drive and connect Kazoo to your PlayPoint. PlayPoint becomes both server and end point.

Version 8 — Full Disclosure:

  • UPnP server now runs natively on PlayPoint
  • Added full OpenHome compatibility
  • OpenHome server now runs natively on PlayPoint
  • Added support for models without Wi-Fi
  • New Maximum Volume Limit configuration page
  • Added an improved AirPlay volume control
  • Added an improved Network Configuration screen

Now for the surprise…You all know about Roon, you also know we announced that PlayPoint is RoonReady.

In the Dark Old Days, you used to have to run Roon the old fashioned way, on a computer. Now, PlayPoint natively runs the Roon server! Yup, no more computer hassles. Just pull up Roon on your mobile device of choice, iOS or Android, and control Roon right on the PlayPoint.

Head to our web site for an updated Owner’s Manual and a step-by step guide for configuring a local UPnP library for use with Kazoo. If you’d like to run Roon server on your PlayPoint, please drop us a line and we’ll get you in the queue…

As always, thanks for your support and, happy listening!
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