Saturday, June 15, 2024

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Firmware Update 49 is now available for owners of the exaSound Delta Server, s88 and s82 Streaming DACs.

We are excited to introduce support for the world's most popular audio player - YouTube. We've broken the taboo and we did it with the video experience included!

Until now exaSound servers and streamers supported Qobuz via Roon and third-party apps like Mconnect Player HD and Bubble UPnP. With the new firmware 49 we are introducing Qobuz support with its native user experience.

We are enabling for the first time access to thousands of Internet radio stations with TuneIn Radio.

To install the update open the Web user interface of your device, go to the Info page and tap or click the "Check Updates" button. On older versions of the Web user interface updates are managed on the Settings page.

Here is how it works. You need to connect a TV or HDMI monitor to your exaSound Delta server or streaming DAC. Many customers have already done that to use the Roon Display feature. Make sure that you are connecting the correct HDMI or DVI port as described in your Owner's manual. If you are not sure, try both ports. You also need to connect a wireless USB keyboard and a mouse. It is convenient to use a keyboard/mouse pair that shares the same wireless receiver. You will see the exaSound Web user interface. Go to the General Settings page, scroll down to the bottom and enable "Web Streaming via HDMI". The screen will refresh and you will see a column of icons along the left edge of the display. Use the new icons the way you use any Web browser. You will see the traditional navigation buttons, zoom controls and the icon shortcuts for YouTube, YouTube Music, Qobuz and TuneIn. The exaSound logo button will allow you to get back to the exaSound Web UI settings pages. Use the F11 on the keyboard to cancel full-screen mode. You can create accounts and login to each streaming service.

The new features are experimental and development continues.
Please let us know about your impressions and suggestions.

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