Thursday, February 21, 2019
PlayPoint DM
Dual-Mono D/A Converter and Network Audio Server
exaSound is proud to announce the PlayPoint DM next-generation music server and DAC. Combining a reference-grade 32-bit digital-to-analog converter, balanced dual-mono headphone amplifier and Roon-enabled music server in one elegant component, the PlayPoint DM brings simplicity and sonic perfection to your music room.

With refinements like dual-mono fully balanced design, two 32-bit DXD/DSD256 DACs with four autonomous I/V stages, and exaSound’s unique four-way galvanic isolation, PlayPoint DM will uncover every detail in your high-resolution music files, allowing you to hear the music just as it was recorded.

PlayPoint DM has a high-resolution digital volume control, so it can connect directly to your monoblock amplifiers or balanced headphones. It comes with Roon music-management software pre-installed, allowing you to browse your music library from a rich, colorful app running on your tablet or smartphone.

With state-of-the-art performance, easy operation, remote diagnostics, online updates, and exaSound’s acclaimed customer support, PlayPoint DM will be the cornerstone of your music system for years to come.

Designed and hand-made entirely in Canada
Analog Performance
  • Reference-class D-to-A conversion, leveraging the studio-grade 32-bit Hyperstream technology: the ESS ES9028PRO monolithic DAC
  • Dual-mono architecture: Two ES9028PRO DAC chips in octo-mono configuration for left and right channels
  • Four autonomous differential I/V stages (two per DAC chip) yield the lowest noise and distortion, resulting in very natural and enjoyable sound
  • Balanced dual-mono, bridge mode, high-power headphone amplifier featuring both XLR and 1/4" connectors for use with the most demanding balanced headphones
  • Single-ended headphone amplifier with 1/4" connector
  • FemtoMaster™: Our multi-clock architecture, with 82-femtosecond master clock and three auxiliary stream-control clocks, minimizes jitter for maximum timing accuracy, stereo imaging, portrayal of transients, and bass extension
PlayPoint DM


Four-way Galvanic Isolation and Independent Power Sources
  • GalvanicInfinity™ affords complete galvanic isolation for ultimate stereo separation and maximum reduction of external and internal noise
  • Left and right channels are isolated from each other and from the digital subsystem
  • Three power supplies with isolated ground planes for left, right channels and digital circuits
  • Two reference voltage sources with less than 2µV RMS noise for the DAC outputs
  • Galvanically isolated SPDIF, TOSLINK and Ethernet Inputs
  • Balanced headphone amplifier with galvanic isolation between left and right channels
  • Two galvanically isolated 12V trigger outputs for controlling monoblock power amps
  • Optional external power base with separate power cables for left and right channels and the digital module will be available by the end of the year

Volume Control
  • ZeroResolutionLoss™: an exclusive ultimate resolution four-way synchronised volume control
  • Volume knob with variable sensitivity
  • 0.5dB steps from -80 to 0db
  • Touchscreen channel trimming and mute
  • Remote master volume, channel trimming and mute from mobile devices and Web browser
  • In-app volume control with Roon, UPnP and AirPlay
  • Volume bypass
Network Audio Player
  • Industry best ergonomics with Roon: the most engaging, enjoyable way to browse your music
  • Supports open-source UPnP/OpenHome steaming technologies
  • NAA streaming for advanced oversampling applications with Signalyst HQplayer
  • ZeroJitter™: Proprietary asynchronous bus with re-clocking and error correction assures error-free streaming
  • Support for DSD up to 12.28MHz (Quad DSD/DSD256)
  • Support for Hi-Res Audio to 32 bits/384kHz PCM and 352.8kHz DXD
  • Glass capacitive touchscreen for zero-configuration operation
  • Web interface for remote operation and advanced configuration from a mobile device
Server support
  • Built-in: Roon Core, UPnP Server
  • Built-in servers can be accessed from external devices over the home network
  • External: Roon Server, Signalyst HQplayer, UPnP/OpenHome
Music Storage
  • Two attached USB drives, up to eight USB drives with external powered USB hub
  • Locally attached USB drives can be accessed over the network for copying and tagging music files
  • Roon: Network Attached Storage (NAS) servers
Streaming Services
  • Tidal via Roon, AirPlay and third-party apps
  • Spotify with third-party apps like Bubble UPnP
  • Internet radio via Roon and AirPlay
  • Audio streaming protocols: Roon RAAT, Signalyst NAA, UPnP, Open Home, AirPlay
  • Networking: Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi 802.11ac