Thursday, February 21, 2019
Features and Benefits
Elegant and Simple
PlayPoint DM connects directly to your monoblock or stereo amplifier. It’s equipped with exaSound’s ZeroReslutionLoss™ volume control, so it can function as a preamp. This makes for a very clean, very simple installation, with a minimum of component and cable clutter. If you want to use your own preamp (or integrated amplifier), you can bypass PlayPoint DM’s volume control and use it strictly as a source device.

In addition, the PlayPoint DM features a balanced high-power headphone amplifier, capable of driving the most demanding headphones.

The primary purpose of PlayPoint DM is to play music stored on attached USB and network drives. It supports high-resolution PCM audio to 32 bits/384kHz, 384kHz DXD, and DSD to 12.28MHz (Quad DSD/DSD256).

PlayPoint DM

Easy to Configure, Easy to Use
Connect PlayPoint DM to your home network, connect a USB drive to one of the PlayPoint DM’s USB ports, and you’re ready to listen to music. Even if you’re unfamiliar with computers and networking, you can expect the setup process to take less than 15 minutes.

PlayPoint DM comes with Roon Core music-management software pre-installed. Roon will catalog all the music on your USB and network drives. If you subscribe to TIDAL, it will integrate your local library with your TIDAL Favorites and Playlists; and can even recommend music based on your listening habits.

You interact with Roon using the Roon Remote app, which is available for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, as well as Windows PCs and Macs. Roon presents your music in a rich, colorful interface. While you’re listening, Roon can show related content such as artist bios and song lyrics. Think of it as the album-cover experience on steroids.

If you’d prefer a leaner way of browsing your music library, you can do so with a simple UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) control app on your smart device, or through our Web interface running on a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac.

USB drives attached to the PlayPoint DM can be accessed over your home network. That makes it easy to load files from a Windows PC or Mac, and (if desired) to edit their metadata so they’re catalogued in a way that makes sense to you.

Audiophile Performance
Especially with downloaded high-resolution DSD and PCM files, with PlayPoint DM you’ll experience a degree of sonic purity that is unattainable with conventional computer audio. Encapsulating everything exaSound has learned about digital audio in its seven-year history, PlayPoint DM has one function only: to play music. There are no extraneous background tasks and no unnecessary hardware to generate noise. But that’s just the beginning.

Reference-class D-to-A conversion: PlayPoint DM employs two of ESS Technology’s flagship ES9028PRO monolithic 32-bit DAC chips in a fully balanced dual-mono configuration. Each DAC has two autonomous differential I/V stages.

Dual-mono fully balanced design: The analog stages for the left and right channels are fully independent, and each has its own power supply. Not only does this maximize stereo separation, it means that high voltage demands on one channel will not affect the other channel. Thanks to the balanced design, common-mode noise is rejected. This makes for a very quiet background, especially if a balanced connection is used for the amplifier or headphones.

Galvanic isolation: All inputs (SPDIF, TosLink, Ethernet) benefit from exaSound’s Galvanicity™ galvanic isolation, which blocks noise both in the signal path and on the ground plane. Inside PlayPoint DM, the digital section is galvanically isolated from the analog section, and the left and right channels are galvanically isolated from each other. PlayPoint DM has independent power supplies for the left, right and digital sections, all with isolated ground planes. Galvanic isolation is also employed between the left and right channels of the headphone amplifier. Sonically, this translates to a significant reduction in external and internal noise, and a significant improvement in stereo separation.

FemtoMaster™ clock: With digital audio, timing is everything. During playback, the bits in the digital file must be processed at very precise intervals. Errors in timing give rise to a form of distortion known as jitter. PlayPoint DM features exaSound’s FemtoMaster™ multi-clock architecture, with an incredibly precise 82-femtosecond master clock (a femtosecond is one millionth of one billionth) and three auxiliary stream-control clocks. This advanced design minimizes jitter. Sonic benefits include more precise stereo imaging, more natural portrayal of transients, and improved bass extension.

Considered singly, each of these refinements makes a significant contribution to sound quality. Combined, their effect is revelatory. With vanishingly low noise and distortion, every detail in your files is exquisitely presented against an anthracite-black background. Micro and macro dynamics are both extraordinary, yet the overall presentation is natural and inviting.

While PlayPoint DM is a high-end component intended for serious listening, it offers some intriguing options for casual listening. When you’re entertaining, you can use PlayPoint’s Roon Server capability to stream music to other Roon endpoints in your home. You can also use PlayPoint DM’s UPnP server capability to play music on other UPnP devices in your home.

PlayPoint DM supports Apple AirPlay, so you can stream audio from an iPhone, iPad or Mac. This can be music stored on the device, Internet radio, or a streaming service like TIDAL. You can do the same with an Android smartphone or tablet by installing a UPnP streaming app.

Lasting Value
Computers and networking can be intimidating; but exaSound has taken care to hide this complexity. The PlayPoint DM is very easy to set up, use and maintain.

With conventional computer audio, special software is required for high-resolution audio playback. In some cases, this software may stop operating properly when (as frequently happens) the operating system software is updated. Then, the user has to wait for the developer of the music software to issue its own update. That won’t happen with a dedicated music player like the PlayPoint DM.

exaSound periodically releases online updates to enhance functionality and improve performance. We also support users throughout the world with remote diagnostics and our acclaimed customer service.

Combine our service and support with PlayPoint DM’s superb sound and ease of use, and you have a product that will delight you for years to come.