Monday, April 23, 2018
e32 DAC, PlayPoint Mk. II & Teddy Pardo Power Supply Special - $1,000 Off
For a limited time get $1,000 off when you order our award-winning e32 DAC with Teddy Pardo power supply and the newly released PlayPont Mk II network audio player and server.

exaSound e32 DAC - award-winning, exceptional fidelity stereo DAC/headphone amplifier
Regular Price $ 3,499 USD

exaSound PlayPoint Mark II - Roon Ready network audio player and Roon server
Regular Price $ 1,999 USD

Teddy Pardo Teddy12/2 - 12V 2A Power Supply for the e32 DAC - proprietary, superior design
Regular Price $ 369 USD

Regular Price Total – $ 5,867 USD
Sale price – $ 4,867 USD

Purchace E32 DAC, PP MkII, Teddy Pardo Special - $1,000 Off - US $4,867
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e32&PP&TPPS-Special E32 DAC, PP MkII, Teddy Pardo Special 1 $ 4,867.00 $ 4,867.00
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