Tuesday, June 27, 2017

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Stereophile.com has published an interview with SACD and DSD champion Jared Sacks, founder of Channel Classics, in which he talks about the history of his label, recording in DSD, and his new NativeDSD.com download site.


Read the complete interview by Jason Victor Serinus here.


Below is a short extract:  


" I'm a musician first. I enjoy the challenge of striving to get the best quality in a recording....

I'm just happy to be using DSD technology, because then the technology is no longer in the way of listening to the music. That enables you to listen to the emotion, because it's all about the emotion....

To me, DSD's superiority has to do with emotion, depth, and how the sound leaves the speaker. It's not a block anymore in the way it dissipates....

Everyone listens differently, of course. At a concert, ... if you really listen, you ask what makes the hall sound good. Why do I get goose bumps? It's because you're not only getting the direct sound; you're also getting the reflections from the side and the back, which is what we are trying to capture with multi-channel.

DSD, especially with its dynamic range, which can't be surpassed, gives it to you. Because of the higher frequencies, we're also talking about the air around the sound. It's the air around the music, and especially the localization that allows you to pick out where the instruments are, that are superior.

So we need magazines and websites to educate the listener. Since what you never hear you do not miss...

...this is an incredible time because it's the first time in the 120-year history of audio that the consumer can have the same quality as the producer through a simple download."

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